〈poetry〉the Himalaya/Ram Kumar Panday

 世界各地の皆さん! お待たせしました。ネパールペンクラブ会長のラム・クマール・パンディさん(Mr.Ram Kumar Panday=NEPAL PENN PRESIDENT)の詩「ザ・ヒマラヤ」を紹介させていただきます。十分、味わってください。パンディーさんはトリブバン大学の教授=Tribhuvan University Professor=など数々の要職にもある、ネパール文壇を代表する作家兼詩人でもあります。
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 the Himalaya

Himalaya smiles in a golden faces
Himalaya smiles in a silver faces
But I have seen the Himalayan face
Smiling in the full moon night!
It was like snowy sountain
It was like milky mountain
I became mad with melodious mountain.
I closed my eyes
But that was full in my heart!
I made a poem of the Himalaya
And told my beloved to sing together
Just in the laps of the melting mountain
O moon!Do not stop to color Mountain
Do not stop to discharge nectar fountain
         【Road Rider】POEMS FROM NEPAL